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Spinal Energetics: Healing From The Inside Out

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

We Are Energy - Through & Through

Spinal Energetics is one of the latest advancements in energy medicine. This work beautifully blends Eastern and Western philosophy while focusing on healing the body, mind and spirit. The reality is, we are all energy and our nervous systems have been in overdrive for a long time, if not most of our lives. A series of sessions will allow your body to become attuned to the work and leave you feeling more aligned with your desired intention. So whether you're looking to release, find clarity, or become more aligned with who you truly are, Spinal Energetics is powerful and meant to evoke change at the deepest level.

Let’s Take This Healing Journey Together

This process is a commitment, it’s not a one-and-done deal. It’s a journey where your body gets to the relax, feel safe, and slowly let go across multiple sessions (3 minimum). Our bodies are like sponges…. soaking up emotions, energies, old stories, and even traumas, keeping us attached to behaviors that no longer serve us. This can leave us feeling kinda stuck. Spinal Energetics is potent and designed to connect, transform, and expand you into your most authentic self.

What’s a Session Like?

Imagine each session as your personal healing time, designed just for you. Sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour where we’ll explore a variety of healing modalities including Spinal Energetics, reiki, sound, vibration, aroma therapy, breath work, and a dash of yoga. You’ll be lying face down, feeling a light touch from your sacrum to the top of your spine. You might feel energy swirling around your body, some warm spots or tingling, maybe some emotions bubbling up, and perhaps even find yourself moving a bit as you release and reset. Your safety and comfort are always my top priority. You will continue to process the energy for the next 3 days and the aftercare is just as important as the session itself. Allow yourself the time and space to feel what comes up and work through those emotions with a clear head and open heart. It’s a journey, not a quick fix, and once you commit, I promise, you'll begin to see the ripples as your life begins to change in so many ways.

Benefits according to my clients:

  • Feeling light, balanced, calm, open and optimistic

  • Less stress

  • Ability to navigate difficult situations with ease

  • Less physical pain

  • Feeling more energized, inspired, and true to themselves

  • Attuned to what their bodies want and need

  • Less anxious, depressed, and irritable

  • A deeper sense of presence, engagement and connection

  • Increased self trust and drive

  • A shift in mindset, changing thought patterns and old stories

  • Release of addictive behavior and creating new neurological pathways

  • Making healthier choices and getting better sleep

Let's Embark on This Vibrant Journey Together!

Ready to dive deep into a world where energy does the healing and your authentic self gets to shine? Spinal Energetics is not just a session; it’s the catalyst to discovering the most genuine, balanced, and lively version of YOU. So, let’s navigate this exciting path together, celebrating every little victory along the way. Your journey towards a more vibrant and balanced life starts with that first step - and I’m here to walk it with you.

So Much LOVE & Gratitude,



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