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Kourtney O'Reilly

Cultivating Self Growth 

Mentally    Physically    Spiritually    Emotionally

March 8th 6-8:30pm
Enlightened Counseling & Wellness

Join Kourtney & Emily for an evening of Malas, Mantras, Mindfulness & Movement!
Closing with a Meditative Sound Bath!

This event will educate, inform, and fill your cup!

Everyone in attendance will 
receive a mala to take home with them 

Venmo $88 @Kourtney-OReilly
to reserve your space 

YOGA @ Enlightened


Thursday 6-7 pm

$15-$20 Donation before class or

Venmo @Kourtney-OReilly

Bring a mat, props if you have them & water! 

Enlightened Counseling & Wellness 

7912 S. 8th St. Kalamazoo, MI 49024

What is
Spinal Energetics?

✨Have you heard of Spinal Energetics?!? ✨


This is a brand new energy healing modality and I, Kourtney O'Reilly, am the ONLY practitioner in Michigan to facilitate this work! I was one of 50 people chosen in the US to learn Spinal Energetics! I traveled to Los Angeles to learn from the incredible Dr. Sarah Jane from Australia ♥️


This work helps to balance the nervous system and relax our sympathetic (fight or flight) response, while allowing the body to release anxiety, stress, past traumas, and old stories that have not yet been processed. Spinal Energetics supports the natural intelligence of the body to unravel and restore stability in our lives. Our bodies hold onto unprocessed emotions and ultimately, this keeps us stuck. With consistency (at least 3 sessions), your body becomes attuned to the work and begins to process this “stuck” energy with ease and grace. Letting go and living with more peace, balance, and confidence as you live the life you were meant to live.


This is very potent energy medicine and It is truly magical ✨

One of my clients referred to this work as "Therapy with your higher self" and I think that's pretty spot on! 


Let's begin......

Ready to make a major shift?

Work with me!

Assorted Crystals
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Wellness & Life Coaching

We will work together to create many small personalized goals that add up to BIG change. My approach is all encompassing and will transform you from the inside out. 

Yoga & Body Work

I have been teaching yoga since 2017. My goal every class is to get you out of your head and into your body. I teach group classes, one on ones, and corporate classes. Sound therapy, reiki, and thai yoga bodywork can be added in or scheduled separately. 

Corporate Wellness

I have worked with local and international companies to evoke change in employees since 2019. From teaching meditation and yoga to managing and health coaching over 550 employees. Is it time to change the energy in your workplace?

Meet Amelia
White Crosses

Kourtney O'Reilly

Michigans ONLY
Spinal Energetics Practitioner, 
National Board Certified 

Health & Wellness Coach,
RDCS, 200 RYT, Reiki Master

I am your heart centered personal growth advocate. 

I spent twelve years as an echocardiographer before shifting my focus to prevention and wellness. In 2017, I became a certified health coach and board certified in 2021. As a health coach, I love collaborating with clients through reflection and thought-provoking conversations. Caring for not only the physical body but also the mind and spirit. With accountability and support, my clients tap into their unique individuality, uncover intrinsic motivations and set personalized wellness goals. I work to empower each client so that they can become confidently self-sufficient while experiencing lasting change.

It really is a beautiful thing and an honor to witness!

I created The Kollective in 2020 as an online platform for speakers and healers to share their expertise and knowledge. We are all in need of guidance at some point in our lives. Over the past 3 years, I have introduced over 55 different speakers to the Kollective. Creating connections, community, and friendships, while inner transformations take place. 

On a personal note, I have experienced many shifts in my life that have led me to this very moment. Chapters of struggle, growth, acceptance, resilience, grief, joy, learning, and a continued desire to seek more. Undoing and letting go of what doesn't serve me while teaching others to do the same.  


In April of 2023, I traveled to LA to learn a brand new healing modality under the guidance of the phenomenal Dr. Sarah Jane called Spinal Energetics. I am thrilled to be the only practitioner in Michigan and I am beyond ready to share this energy work and healing with you! 

Lastly, I am a proud momma of 3, a lover of Americanos, live music, growing and giving dahlias, QT with my people, nature, and amazing food.......mostly Indian & Thai.


“The purpose of life is to discover your gift; the work of life is to develop it; and the meaning of life is to give your gift away.” — David Viscott

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The Kollective

The Kollective was born to help you on your journey through life. No matter who you are, we could all use some guidance. Topics range from stress & anxiety to plant medicine & breathwork. To date the Kollective has welcomed over 60 speakers!

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I always look forward to our sessions not as an appointment but an event. Love it!!!

Spinal Energetics Client - Steve B

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Enlightened Counseling & Wellness

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